Asterisk-Java 0.3 Milestone 2 has been released and is available from

Here is the Changelog:


  • [AJ-47] - AGI does not support multi line data

  • [AJ-48] - UserEvent does not work with Asterisk 1.4

  • [AJ-51] - Problems with non-english locales

  • [AJ-52] - Fix shutdown when using the live api


  • [AJ-41] - Add ability to get ManagerConnection from AsteriskServer

  • [AJ-49] - Support socket read timeout

New Feature

  • [AJ-35] - Support timestamp property on manager events

  • [AJ-42] - Add support QueueSummary action to Queue manager interface

  • [AJ-44] - Support PauseMonitor and UnpauseMonitor actions

  • [AJ-45] - Support ZapRestart action


  • [AJ-53] - Refactor BaseAgiScript to extend AgiOperations and implement AgiScript so users can extend AgiOperation to provide their own add-on features

Documentation for 0.3-m2 is available at