JBoss Logo A recent post to the mailing list asked about how to stop and start a FastAGI server and how folks host Fast AGI servers. I shared some code I wrote for a small MBean that starts and stops a DefaultAgiServer from Asterisk-Java – see the last FAQ question “Can I have an example of using an AGI server in a container like JBoss?”. The MBean uses the JBoss-specific @Management annotation.

I work on a home-grown call center management application (EJBs, JSP webpages, and two standalone Java Swing applications, all talking through JBoss Application Server), and we’ve already been able to add a couple features with Asterisk-Java that add value and utility to our application. I didn’t want to introduce another service to our infrastructure and I also didn’t want to write an entirely new Agi server, as Stefan had done a great job on that part. Thus, the above MBean was born.

Comments and suggestions and other examples of how you run your Agi scripts are welcome and encouraged on our mailing lists.