The latest nightly snapshot of Asterisk-Java now supports Skype for Asterisk manager events and actions after we’ve implemented AJ-262. Skype for Asterisk support will also be part of the upcoming 1.0.0.M4 release of Asterisk-Java.

What can I do with it?

You can now use Asterisk-Java to

  • Retrieve information about your buddies

  • Add buddies to your buddy list

  • Remove buddies from your buddy list

  • Send and receive Skype Chat messages

And of course you can originate calls to or receive calls from Skype users and use Asterisk-Java based AGI scripts to implement IVR features for Skype.

What are the prerequisites?

First you must have a Skype for Asterisk license installed on your Asterisk server. They are available from Digium’s online store for $66.00 per channel.

Then you should apply this patch to chan_skype.c to fix a few minor bugs in their Manager API implementation.

Any questions?

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