QLess is a virtual queue management system for restaurants, theme parks, casinos, doctor’s offices – basically anywhere people are standing around waiting for a service. It holds the user’s spot in line and lets them know how the line is moving along and when they reach the front by calling their cell phone. Then the user is free to wander off and make better use of his time.

You can check out their web site at http://qless.com and try out the voice interface at 877-4-0-LINES.

The entire app is written in Java, and they are using Asterisk and Asterisk-Java for all of the voice communication pieces. “It was unbelievably easy to get up and running with both technologies, and they have both been rock-solid reliable. Thanks so much for all of the great work, and keep it coming!” says Tim McCune, their Chief Technical Architect & Cofounder.