AstManProxy is a proxy application for the Asterisk Manager API that allows connecting multiple servers and clients through a central point of contact.

From a client perspective AstManProxy is almost transparent. Modified behavior includes a different protocol identifier and a changed logout message. Additionally AstManProxy does not correctly handle ActionIDs during the authentication phase.

Support for the protocol identifier of AstManProxy is available in Asterisk-Java since 0.3.1. The fix for the ActionID requires a modification of AstManProxy. Gaetan Minet has now done the work and provides a patch to fix it.

Additionally you will find support for the server property in the latest 1.0.0-SNAPSHOTs of Asterisk-Java. This property is now available in ManagerEvent - the base class of all events in Asterisk-Java - and contains the name of the Asterisk server that sent the event.

Reference: Gaetan Minet’s patch to make AstManProxy work with Asterisk-Java